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15 flower pots that perfectly “refresh” the annoying interior


Hanging and wall pots in the interior is not only practical, but also very effective.

Anyone who wants to "freshen up" the interior of the house or office should pay attention to the maintenance of indoor plants.

In this review - the most vivid examples of interior pots.

1. Geometric elegance

Creative pot "Geometric elegance".

Triangular hanging flower "pot" is available in three sizes and was designed for planting tillandsii, but it is suitable for any not very bulky plants. It can be hung from the ceiling or nailed to the wall.

2. Clear view

Creative pot "Clear view".

The wall vase, similar to a greened glass terrarium, has a fairly simple design, but will look beautiful on a white wall, especially if you group them together somewhat. A small hole in the back makes it easy to attach a glass vase to the wall with the appropriate fixing equipment.

3. Plant light

Creative pot "Plant light".

Unusual pots, which are made in the form of either large bulbs, or "hanging terrariums". These "light bulbs" are perfect for growing succulent and blend beautifully with any modern decor.

4. An oasis of calm

Creative pot "Oasis of tranquility".

You can pass for a mod by purchasing a brass flower pot, which is hung on leather straps. To create a corner of tranquility at home, you can try to group together several similar pots, planting colorful and juicy greens in them.

5. Bright and colorful

Creative pot "Bright and colorful."

Bright enamel pots are ideal for adding greenery to your home. A clear pattern and design ensures that such innovation will attract the eye.

6. The revival of retro

Creative pot "Revival retro".

You can use these pots individually to add a style room, or combine them together to focus attention on them. They perfectly reflect the trends of the 70s, when such knitted pots of macrame were popular, and they give the room a relaxed retro look. It is best to fill them with ferns and vines.

7. Modern style

Creative pot "Modern style".

Lighten the dark corner in the apartment will turn out by adding a pot with lush foliage. And if you want to look modern, you can purchase an unusual pot in a metallic finish.

8. Different colors

Creative pot "Various colors".

To emphasize hanging pots, you can use pots and ropes holding them in different colors. These intricate patterns are made of acrylic rope by a British jewelry designer.

9. Recycling and recycling

Creative pot "Recycling and recycling."

It is worth trying to cultivate homemade herbs and flowers in colorful pots. These concrete pots have been recycled from the discarded billboard and can be folded when not in use. For convenience, it is worth using pots with an integrated drain hole so that they can be filled with compost.

10. Mix

Creative pot "Mix".

For maximum effect, you can group together different shapes, colors and textures.

11. Scandinavian style

Creative pot "Scandinavian style".

With the help of a hanging pot you can ensure the natural beauty of your favorite plant. Thanks to its geometric shape and natural rope hanger, this ceramic pot is a simple, modern option.

12. Catching beauty

Creative pot "Bright Beauty".

The hanging vase is so miniature that it will fit even the smallest apartment. Unusually, it is made of concrete and has a gilded brass finish.

13. Modern brightness

Creative pot "Modern brightness".

Elegant foliage and flowers in pots of sharp form and bright flowers will always look attractive. You can hang several of these pots at different heights or in the same row.

14. Zinc-glass house

Creative pot "Zinc-glass house".

Hanging zinc-glass pot is ideal for succulents, cacti and other exotic plants. Or you can use it as a teapot holder.

15. New perspective

Creative pot "New Perspective".

Upside-down pots offer an unusual approach to home gardening. Sky Planter Recycled was created on the basis of an innovative function that nourishes the plants and holds the soil. When you need to water the plant, shows a special indicator.