Useful ideas

Practical ideas and advice on the arrangement of small and large hallways


First of all, the hallway is the same “hanger” with which it all begins. Such a business card. That is why every self-respecting owner tries his best to equip this room so that it is as comfortable, cozy and stylish as possible.

And, despite the fact that in most cases, square meters do not allow to roam to its fullest - it does not matter. You can always find a way out of the current situation, transforming even the most modest hallway in terms of scale, using tips and tricks.

1. Finishing for a practical and stylish design.

The most suitable modern flooring for the entrance area from linoleum to tile.

Wall panels can be smooth and textured, monophonic and patterned, imitate wood, stone, brick or ceramics.

Modern entrance hall in bright colors.

Hallway, made with bright accent details.

Stylish entrance hall in classic color combination.

First of all, finishing materials should be practical, so that they could easily carry moisture, dust, dirt, sand, heavy bags, heels, baby strollers, and so on. According to the color palette, these can be both classic calm colors and shades, as well as ultramodern ones.

2. Wallpapers in the hallway

The first impression of the interior of the apartment is already on the threshold, so the wallpaper for the corridor and the hallway should appeal to both residents and guests of the apartment.

First of all, it is worthwhile to give up strongly dark wallpaper, since there is already insufficient natural light in the hallway due to the lack of windows.

Best suited for washing or vinyl wallpaper.

3. Paul

It is best to use high-grade laminate that can withstand water.

Also ideal option is a tile with a rough coating.

Imitation marbled tile.

Modern evrodoska ideal for finishing the floor in the hallway.

4. Ceiling

The best color scheme is to use plain white.

If you use a glossy stretch ceiling, then due to the fact that the light will be reflected, the hallway will be visually larger and more spacious.

Recently, few people use complex decorations in the ceiling, especially in the hallway.

5. Narrow entrance hall

in a narrow hallway, the furniture should not be square, but long and narrow.

In the case of a narrow hallway, you need to visually expand the room by using bright colors and a glossy surface of materials.

Light should be diffused and point.

6. Square or small hallway

For a small square hallway the main secret is minimalism. The less detail - the better. Expansion of space can be achieved with the help of a wardrobe with mirrored doors.

To visually extend the walls of the hallway, hang on them oblong rectangular paintings, photos in a row or a rectangular mirror.

For a small hallway, it is best to choose multifunctional furniture.

7. Carpet in the hallway

To date, many refuse the idea to place a carpet in the hallway. On the one hand, this is right, because it is quickly polluted and it has to be washed frequently.

And yet, today the manufacturer offers a huge selection of carpets that are ideal for the hallway.

A small rug for the hallway is ideal.