Useful ideas

Edible - inedible, or Things that need to be immediately put in the fridge


The refrigerator has become today an integral part of the kitchen interior.

And all the products that get into the house, as a rule, immediately find shelter in the refrigerator.

But at the same time, few people know that things worth sending food to the refrigerator should be sent as well. About them and will be discussed in this review.

1. Stale Jeans

Refresh jeans without washing.

If your jeans have long been in the closet, over time they can get an unpleasant smell. You can get rid of it with the help of washing. But what if there is no time for washing and drying? There is a solution, pack your jeans in a bag and put them in the freezer overnight. By morning, there will not be a hint of smell on the pants.

2. Unpleasant smell of shoes

Shockingly smelling shoes.

Modern shoes quickly get an unpleasant smell. Most often this is due to poor quality materials that are used in the manufacture. Cope with the problem of unpleasant smell, help your freezer. Pack your shoes in a bag and place them in the freezer for 12 hours. Low temperatures will destroy harmful germs and there will be no trace of unpleasant odors.

3. Chewing gum

Sticky gum.

There are several ways in which chewing gum can be removed to adhere to clothing. One of the most effective is low temperature. Put the item for several hours in the freezer. During this time, the gum will lose its stickiness, will harden and be easily cleaned.

4. Improve nylon pantyhose.

Seal nylon tights.

All girls know that tearing or hooking nylon pantyhose is easier than ever. However, few know that the material can be compacted. For this new tights need to put in the freezer and leave there for the night. Such a trick will make the product much stronger and increase the life of the socks.

5. Microbes on bedding

Disinfection of bed linen.

Microbes and dust mites are quite common when it comes to bedding. Therefore, if you are often worried about allergies and skin rashes - there is a reason to think. However, do not rush to run to the store for new pillows and blankets. Just pack them in vacuum bags and place them in the freezer for 12 hours. Low temperatures will destroy most of the harmful bacteria, and your bed will be clean and fresh again.

6. Food film

Convenient use of cling film.

Food film that breaks all the time - often an annoying phenomenon. But to solve this problem is easier, you just need to put a roll with a film for half an hour in the freezer. The film will become much denser, and it will be much easier to work with it.

7. Seeds

Seed storage

Sachets of seeds should not be stored for too long, as bacteria quickly infest them. Such seeds become unsuitable for planting. However, there is one place where the seeds will be safe and able to “hold out” until next year. This place is a freezer. Keep the seeds in it as much as you need, and before planting, just allow a little time for defrosting.

8. Stretch shoes

Stretch small shoes.

There are many different ways to stretch small shoes. One of the most effective packages are water. Just put water-filled bags in uncomfortable shoes and put your shoes in the freezer. In five to six hours, the water in the bags will freeze, and the material under pressure of ice will stretch.

9. Knitted sweaters

Drying knitwear.

So that the knitted items do not lose their shape after washing and drying, dry them in the freezer. To do this, after washing, place the product on a towel, fold it carefully, pack it in a bag and send it in the freezer for three to four hours. At the expiration of time, take out the bundle and let it thaw out without unwrapping. When this happens, the roll can be unrolled, the towel removed, and the sweater left to dry on any vertical surface. Such manipulations will prevent the deformation and stretching of knitted products.

10. Bouquet of flowers

Freshness of a bouquet of flowers.

If you bought a bouquet in the evening, and are going to give it in the morning, you should take care of its freshness and safety. So that the flowers do not wilt, wrap their stems with a wet newspaper and place the bouquet in the fridge. Low temperatures will help to maintain the presentable appearance of flowers and will not allow them to wither.

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