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Convenient storage systems in the kitchen: 20 cool ideas that will be useful to everyone


Storage systems are never enough, especially in the kitchen. Where to hide the pans, how to store vegetables, and how to achieve visual order in the area of ​​culinary experiments? Share useful ideas!

Vegetable storage

Many people mistakenly and unknowingly store vegetables in the fridge or on the balcony, and then they think why the potatoes germinate quickly, the carrots dry up, and the onions rot. And everything is trivially simple! Vegetables, like other foods, require proper storage conditions. How to provide them in a small kitchen?

The easiest way is to equip several kitchen drawers specifically for storing vegetables. To choose baskets or containers for the size of furniture (now there is a great variety of them in household and household stores). An alternative option would be wicker baskets made of vines, in which vegetables and fruits longer retain freshness, beautiful appearance and good taste.

With proper storage, potatoes can last from 2 weeks to 2-3 months (it can never be stored in the refrigerator), carrots will last for 3 weeks, onions can be stored in this way for up to 3-4 weeks.

Remember that the place where vegetables are stored should be well ventilated and located away from the stove, oven and radiators. Ideal - in the pantry or built-in kitchen pencil case.

Storage of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

An example of how to store vegetables in the kitchen.

Storing vegetables in wicker baskets.

Storage of bulk products

Often the cause of the mess in the kitchen cabinets are boxes and bags of cereals. Firstly, they occupy a lot of space, and secondly, they simply clutter up space. To remedy the situation, it is enough to pour the cereal, flour and sugar in glass jars or plastic containers.

It is very convenient to use vessels with special valves. Through them, the midges, moths and moisture will not penetrate into the bulk products. Often these valves are equipped with dispensers, with their help it is easy to pour the cereal from the vessel during cooking.

Storage of cereals in the kitchen.

Storage of bulk products.

Storage of cereals in glass jars.


Keeping spoons and forks in one pile is not a good idea! Divide all the cutlery (for knives it is better to come up with another storage place, not near other items, so that they do not blunt or rust). Storage systems with individual cells look neat and stylish, you can buy ready-made options or make the plywood partitions in the drawer yourself. At their bottom it is desirable to lay parchment paper or soft cloth that will absorb excess moisture. It is better to put spoons and forks already dry and wiped with a towel, as dried drops of water on the dishes will not look very attractive.

Storage of cutlery in the kitchen.

Careful storage of cutlery.

An example of storing wooden spoons and paddles.

An example of how to store spoons and forks.

Pots, pans, stewpans

A good housewife is always a lot of kitchen utensils, including pots, pans, stewpans. By the way, we noticed that many of these items are equipped with a hole at the end of the handle, and for a reason. It is necessary in order to hang saucepans on hooks, in Europe it is a fairly common storage option for dishes.

Another question - where to install those same hooks? There are several options: on the rails near the working area, on the wall at the stove or sink. You can also hang a decorative metal mesh on the wall and equip it with hooks. This storage option looks, at least originally, and very practical. It allows you to unload kitchen cabinets and instantly restore order in the kitchen. Plus, while cooking this or that dish, you will not have to search for the necessary dishes for a long time.

Stylish storage of saucepans in the kitchen.

An example of how to store pans and saucepans in the kitchen.

Stylish storage in the kitchen.

Walls to help

Not always the size of the kitchen allows you to place in it a full number of cabinets for storage of kitchen utensils. What to do in this case? Do not despair and use the walls! For these purposes, even one small one will suffice. On it you can install hooks, rails, narrow shelves, install a plywood board with holes, magnetic holders. It will perfectly accommodate pots, stew-nets, spices, cereals, ladles, spatulas, skimmers and other kitchen utensils.

Storage of kitchen utensils on the wall.

Convenient storage system in the kitchen.

Stylish storage of pans in the kitchen.

On a kitchen island or cabinet

Where else to find storage? For example, on the lower kitchen cabinet or on the kitchen island, if there is one. This option is suitable for those who do not want for some reason to install rails on the walls or need additional storage space.

Storage on the kitchen cabinet.

Order in the details

The order consists of trifles, do not lose sight of them. Put the bowls in one another, determine the place for the plastic containers (and the lids of them!). Store pastry in one place, select for them a separate locker or shelf. A wicker box is perfect for storing the baking dish. It is necessary once to determine the place for each item and the order itself settles in your kitchen.

Storage of plastic containers in the kitchen.

Storage of bakeware.