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11 arguments in favor of lip balm that will solve many domestic problems


Lip balm is often one of those things that is necessarily stored in the depths of a woman’s handbag or home cosmetics. Even if it is used infrequently, it is not a reason to consider it useless.

There are at least 11 arguments that will convince anyone of the need for lip balm. Even overdue should not be thrown away.

With it, you can solve many annoying problems, and yet it does not take up much space - solid pluses.

1. The Lord of the Rings

Lip balm perfectly helps to remove the stuck rings.

Sometimes our body is very sensitive to the effects of weather or physical exertion. This is especially noticeable in the summer, after training in the gym or after hard work. Hands swell up, and some difficulties may arise in order to remove the ring from the finger. However, if you smear lip balm near the ring, the problem will be solved in two accounts.

2. A good company for new shoes

Unexpected escape from corns is often stored in a purse.

New shoes almost always rubs feet, which causes many unpleasant consequences. Even very comfortable shoes, which at first seemed perfect on landing, can give an unexpected surprise. With dignity and a smile to get out of a difficult situation will lip balm. If you apply a small amount of this tool on the back of the heel or fingers, depending on where it rubs, you can do without corns and injuries.

3. Keep the zipper in tone

Problems with a zipper on any clothes are easily solved by a balm.

Well-known folk remedies for express repair of lightning: wax or soap. That is all that facilitates friction. Lip balm in this case is also great. If the zipper is badly fastened or diverges, you need to gently hold it with a cosmetic a couple of times. Such advice is especially relevant for things after dry-cleaning, problems often arise with them.

4. Reliable protection for winter

Lip balm saves the skin from cracks not only on the lips.

Cold winter weather, especially with the winds, always negatively affects the skin of the face. First of all, it concerns especially vulnerable areas: lips, nose, cheeks. The nose often suffers from the fact that it has to be constantly wiped out due to the naturally occurring rhinitis. With the help of hygienic lipstick, you can moisturize and protect delicate skin from redness and cracks.

5. Ambulance for cuts

If there is no patch or first-aid kit on hand, lip balm will also fit.

You can cut yourself during shaving or, for example, with a sheet of paper. To quickly stop the blood, when there is nothing suitable from the first-aid kit at hand, you can use hygienic lipstick. It will close the cut and help to quickly remove the pain. However, it is better to use lip balm without the menthol component.

6. Creak?

We take out from the distant box a fudge and for the cause.

A creaky door or drawer can irritate pohlesche corns on the legs. To rid yourself of this annoying trouble, you need to lubricate the source of the opposite sound with lip balm. A great and safe alternative to store purchases.

7. Advanced makeup

Hygienic lipstick can be used as a fixative for makeup.

If you apply a little balm on the skin around the eyes, it will give it a fresh and radiant look. Walking a little over the upper eyelid and eyelashes, you can achieve incredible resistance to shadows and mascaras that will not crumble throughout the day.

8. Improving the appearance of nails

Life hacking for those who have a bad habit of biting the skin on his fingers.

Lip balm will help moisturize the skin around the nails and instantly soften, giving a well-groomed look. It will also protect against cold weather and chemical agents. Of course, for your own good it is better to get rid of bad habits of biting the cuticle, walking in the cold or working without gloves, but if there is no way out - lipstick to help.

9. Gloss for your favorite shoes

Leather shoes will thank you.

Hygienic lipstick for lips is considered the best moisturizer for any skin. Including the one that is on our shoes. Therefore, if you need to suddenly save your favorite pair of shoes from the weather or other damage, you can use cosmetics that are always at hand. Lip balm even gives the shoe a more fresh look, slightly smoothing the folds.

10. Eyebrow Assistant

Lip balm, as the conqueror of disobedient eyebrows.

Instead of expensive eyebrow gels, you can always try an alternative means. For example, tidy eyebrows with lip balm. All you need is to simply put lipstick on your eyebrows after they have been brushed with a brush.

11. Hair coloring

Advice for those who like to dye their hair on their own.

If you like to dye your hair in a bright shade, then you will definitely encounter a problem when along with the strands the skin is colored near the roots. To preserve the naturalness of the skin under the hair line, pre-cover it with lip balm. It will protect from paint, so you do not have to hide the new hairstyle under the cap before the first swim.