Useful ideas

17 examples of original and spectacular wall decoration


Finishing does not have to be dark, strict and serious. Sometimes in life you need to add a little color, and for this most often you have to resort to one of two methods. The first method is to use unprecedented luxury. Needless to say, most of us simply cannot afford it. The second is to add creativity.

1. 3D panels

Decorating the wall with decorative wall panels.

Volumetric textured panels allow you to create an original sculptural pattern on the wall, change the boundaries of the living space and make the interior interesting and modern.

2. Suitcases

Wall, stylized suitcases.

The wall, stylized as a set of suitcases of different shapes and sizes, will definitely appeal to the avid traveler.

3. Tree cuts

The wall of wooden cuts.

Tree cuts are an original alternative to ordinary wallpaper. Such a wall does not require any additional decorations, as it itself is a decoration of the room.

4. Ceramic tiles

The wall of the living room, decorated with ceramic tiles.

It is rather unusual to see ceramic tiles in the living room. However, the bright tile will perfectly fit into the interior of any room and will help in creating a stylish and non-standard space.

5. Ombre

Wall with an ombre effect.

Gradient coloring of walls is a new trend in interior design. Ombre technique will help to visually increase the space, make the room spectacular and fresh.

6. Phytowall

Living wall in the interior.

Recently, gardening walls has become very fashionable. Phytowall is not only a unique interior decoration, but also a natural air filter.

7. World Map

The volume map of the world on the wall.

The volume map of the world will become an original decoration of the walls, which will please the dreamy natures and all travel lovers.

8. Pencils

Wall decorated with colored pencils.

Colored pencils are a simple and very unusual way to decorate walls.

9. Leather

Leather wall trim.

Want to make the interior status and luxury - use leather wall coverings. Genuine leather coatings are durable and wear-resistant. This material also perfectly suppresses noise and retains heat.

10. Rainbow closet

Bright closet full wall.

A rainbow-colored lacquered wardrobe is not only a bright accent of the interior, but also a functional detail of the room.

11. Artwork

The picture is full wall.

Love art and modern art? So why not turn your walls into reproductions of your favorite paintings?

12. Plates

Wall decoration plates.

Decorating the walls with ceramic plates with an unusual painting is an original alternative to the usual tile and wallpaper.

13. Natural wood

Wall decoration with wooden bars.

Mosaic wall decoration with wooden bars will make the room warm and cozy.

14. Fabrics

Fabric drapery walls.

Fabric drapery walls are perfect for creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

15. Natural stone

Facing the walls with stone.

Facing the walls with stone is a bold and very effective reception. Stone finish is durable, does not require special care and perfectly keeps cool in the hot season.

16. Slate paint

Slate beauty.

Paint that looks like a slate is a fashion trend in interior design. Slate coating looks very impressive, easy to clean and opens up a lot of opportunities for creativity.

17. Wallpaper coloring

Creative wallpaper.

Unusual wallpaper, which can be filled with your favorite pictures and drawings, will fit perfectly into the interior of the family living room.