Useful ideas

Out of Chaos and Mess


The kitchen is a place that deserves a separate order. Here in no case should there be a mess. All things in the kitchen should be brought in full order. To achieve this idyll will help our review.

1. Cardboard boxes

Storage cans and bottles in the refrigerator.

Use cardboard boxes to compactly and securely place bottles and jars on the side shelves of the refrigerator.

2. Glass jars

Storage of nuts, flakes and dried fruit.

To keep nuts, dried fruits, flakes, and confectionary powders not spoiled and were always on hand, store them in small glass jars with tightly screwed lids. Such containers will allow to monitor the number of ingredients, and relieve cabinets from the many rustling sachets and packages.

3. Containers for cereals

Storage of cereals.

Plastic buckets from ice cream and mayonnaise are ideal for storing cereals.

4. Knife block

Storage of knives in the drawer.

For security reasons, it is best to store the knives in a separate drawer, and to avoid confusion and confusion, you should place a special knife holder there.

5. Towel Hooks

Storage of kitchen towels.

Conveniently place kitchen towels on the wall will help ordinary clothespins and double-sided tape.

6. Storage covers

Storage covers on the stand for dishes.

Many housewives are faced with the problem of placing the covers from various cans, pots and plastic containers. Dish rack will help solve this problem.

7. Order in the locker

Rational use of space in boxes.

8. Household accessories

A place to store household items.

Take a locker or at least one shelf for storing household items. So, garbage bags, clothespins, napkins, baking sleeves and other little things will always be in place and at hand.

9. Bakeware

Storage of bakeware.

It is very convenient to store various forms for baking on a stand for dishes.

10. Measuring spoons

Storage space for measuring spoons.

The space on the inside of the kitchen cabinet can be used to advantage. For example, stick a slate board there and hang measuring spoons.

11. Baskets for correspondence

Place for magazines, mail and recipes.

On the kitchen door you can place several wire baskets for storing correspondence, magazines and recipes.

12. Containers for spices

Spice storage.

The lack of special containers for spices - it does not matter. They are successfully replaced by small containers of drugs. Label each container to always know what is in it.

13. Household chemicals

Box for storage of household chemicals.

The space under the sink, is the best fit for storing stocks of household chemicals.

14. Pegbord

Storage pans.

Pegboard is a universal device for storing a variety of things. This board is perfect for storing pots and pans, which usually occupy all cabinets and shelves in the kitchen.

15. Containers in the refrigerator

Sort food in the fridge.

In a family refrigerator, confusion and chaos usually always reign. To restore order, ordinary plastic containers will help. Create your own system for sorting food in containers and carefully follow it.

16. Cake stand

Tea accessories on a cake stand.

Cake stand is perfect for storing tea, coffee, sugar, maple syrup and other small accessories that are often used home.

17. Markers

Markers for products.

A refrigerator is not a place to store old and damaged products. To avoid trouble, put stickers with dates on the packaging and containers, and conduct an audit in the refrigerator at least once every two weeks.