Useful ideas

Kitchen life hacks


1. How to compactly store household appliances

As a continuation of the selection of useful tips, the so-called life hacks, today we will talk about how to make the kitchen room even more functional, thoughtful and neat, because every object here should know its place. Today we will talk about ways of compact placement of small household appliances: microwave ovens, mixers and electric kettles, toasters, blenders, coffee makers and coffee grinders, as well as many other useful kitchen appliances.

Functional cabinet

Hostesses who are particularly fond of cooking for their families, as well as experimenting with new tasty and healthy dishes, simply need the help of various technical inventions. Sometimes their number can be quite substantial, and naturally, the problem arises: how and where to store appliances in the kitchen.

The solution will definitely be a new spacious wardrobe designed only for household appliances and large pans, forms and trays.

If it is not possible to install an additional cabinet, you can reorganize the space of the old sideboard, or order a simple design of their shelves placed in a box with doors.

Almighty island

An island for a large kitchen is capable of much, its design should be designed so that it becomes multi-functional, and can accommodate a sink or hob, pull-out sections for dishes, and shelves for all items of small household appliances needed every day.

Pay attention to the photo below: the kitchen island is equipped with a box above the worktop, and it contains small household appliances. Note that the design of the box can be automatic, and if necessary, descend into the body of the island.

Equipped niche

If there is at least one niche in your house, in particular, in the kitchen, we recommend you to carefully consider its design. This part in the room can be not only decorative, but also perform a specific function, for example, to become a place for compact storage of household appliances.

Technical stations

Usually they are located between the upper and lower rows of kitchen cabinets, and are additional built-in compartments for the equipment that you use every day: an electric kettle, a coffee maker, a toaster and a microwave machine.

A mechanical system of roller shutters or hinged doors will help to hide appliances when they are not used.

Mobile Shelves

Depending on the number of appliances in the kitchen, two or three cabinets can be distinguished in the lower or upper row of furniture, and special shelves can be mounted inside each, which will be extended to the rails.

You will place a certain household appliance on each of the shelves, and in the future, you will enjoy the comfort and functionality of kitchen furniture.

Clear distribution

A large, or not so great, pantry is a pleasant addition to the kitchen's atmosphere, as it allows concentrating food stocks, placing dishes, textiles, preservation, and so on in one place. Here, on the overhead shelves, you should also arrange small household appliances, but in such a way that each item will take up a place strictly reserved for it.

Accuracy is appropriate always and in everything, moreover, it is much easier to maintain cleanliness and order in a clearly planned storeroom.

Shelf in the buffet

Not only food, spices, sweets and spirits can be stored in the canteen or sideboard. But, if at your disposal there are three or four small household appliances, then you can select one, separate shelf for their compact placement.

Under one wing

Finally, a useful recommendation: try to equip your kitchen in such a way that an independent zone will appear in it for large and small household appliances. Ideally, it is better when most appliances are located separately from furniture for storing and processing food.

Even if the kitchen is a small room with furniture. Installed in one line, - the third part of the cabinets you can take to the dishwasher, built-in microwave oven, station for small appliances and a niche for the refrigerator.

2. Where to place the microwave

We will not argue about the importance and significance of this item of household appliances, but only present for you the hit parade of areas for the successful and convenient placement of a microwave oven in the kitchen space.

Spacious island

In the spacious kitchens of country houses, this object is gradually being installed more and more often, because it can carry several functions at once. For example, to serve as a place for food processing or cooking, to serve as a dining table, and to accommodate a large number of dishes, kitchen utensils and small household appliances.

Therefore, on one of the end shelves, on the side where the stove or sink is located, you can safely place the microwave oven. So, she will always be on hand, and will help you quickly heat up food for you and your friends sitting opposite.

In the working area

This area is probably the most familiar to us, because it is so simple: put a microwave oven on the working countertop of kitchen furniture. However, we recommend a few improvements, and make a more comfortable area of ​​the microwave oven, placing it in a kind of box. It will help keep the sides of the appliance clean, under normal conditions, quickly covered with splashes of grease and other contaminants common in small kitchens.

In the buffet

If your kitchen has a separate area that is not intended to work directly with products, but only for storing them, for example, a cupboard or an open pantry, then there is room for a microwave oven.

Naturally, it can be placed here in the event that the buffet (pantry) is located in the kitchen itself, next to the main kitchen furniture. Otherwise it will be completely inconvenient to cover the distance in order to heat the food in the oven.

In tandem

A kitchen filled with various new home appliances, or the most necessary appliances, is the dream of any hostess. And in a modern version, ovens and microwaves can be built into the body of cabinets, one above the other, which is undoubtedly convenient and practical.

Built-in appliances, including a microwave, significantly saves kitchen space, frees up the work surface and, in general, looks neat, stylish.

On the shelf

When the kitchen is small enough, there is always a shortage of free space for cooking. But the most necessary household appliances need to be placed carefully. Suspended open shelves, undoubtedly, will help in this task: the worktop will be released, and the surface of the walls - will be used correctly.

Is hidden

For some interior styles of kitchens, for example, English or classical, demonstration of modern household appliances, even small appliances, is not acceptable. Therefore, it is better to hide the microwave oven in the cabinet of the hanging cabinet behind its doors.

You need to ensure the reliability of the cabinet to the wall, because he has to withstand the weight of a heavy device. And the stove should be placed on the lowest shelf of the cabinet, so that every member of the family, both high and below average height, could use it.


Sometimes you can in the kitchens you can see a microwave oven built into the cupboard just above the stove. In truth, this method of placement is not justified, since this area must be occupied with a full-fledged hood, and the oven will be quickly and constantly covered with a bloom of solidified spray of grease, dust and soot.

At the bottom level

The microwave oven is habitually installed at the level of the working tabletop, or higher, but this is not important, since the device operation will not affect the operation of the device, suppose, on the shelf of one of the floor cabinets. This option will appeal to those who wish to visually unload the upper part of the kitchen furniture, the worktop for direct work on it, and to ease the atmosphere of the room.

3. How to dispose of garbage

Cleanliness in the kitchen is a prerequisite for the health of your family, which means that timely and high-quality waste disposal should be given attention. Today, modern kitchen furniture is able to surprise built-in organizers for the distribution of garbage. Buckets and tanks can be built-in, touch or with several sections for different types of garbage. They greatly simplify the daily life and everyday life in the kitchen, making it more comfortable.

We grind garbage

In some, especially progressive countries, this device has long been familiar in any kitchen - for us, disposers for fast processing of food waste, while new.

This device is attached to the drain pipe under the sink, and equipped with special knives, instantly crushes the remnants of soft and hard food residue almost to the state of powder.

Garbage sorting

Another useful habit that simplifies the further processing of garbage wastes is the timely distribution of different types of garbage (paper, plastic and food waste) into separate containers.

It is highly recommended to use two, and better, three buckets in the rubbish section to make the kitchen cleaner, and to dispose of waste with care for the environment. By the way, the containers can be installed on a rotating stand, tilted, or automatically extend when you open the cabinet door.

Clean and stylish

Kitchen garbage tanks do not have to be gray and inconspicuous, but it is quite appropriate to the style of the interior, and modern trends in design.

Designers have developed advanced containers that will not only please with beautiful color, but also perfectly perform the main function. Trash cans with airtight lids and motion sensors that will not let the smell spread in the kitchen will be fully appreciated.

At the touch level

One-touch garbage disposal becomes a reality if you use special sensory buckets for this. Their lids open as soon as trash is brought to the tank, and they close as quickly. Agree, to throw away waste, even without touching the container, is hygienic and thoughtful.


If you have to peel vegetables for salad, or peel the fruit, you can use convenient handbags, which are attached to the edge of the table or overboard the cabinet door. Such devices are very convenient during cooking, and help ensure a constant cleanliness of the work surface.

No trace

Furniture for the kitchen today is significantly different from the analogs of 5-10 years ago, because there are new possibilities for the realization of the most interesting and progressive ideas. For example, dispose of food waste immediately during cooking, with no residue falling on the floor. For this, in the monolithic tabletop kitchen furniture, or islands make a hole in the place where a garbage container will be installed under it.

If you choose a cutting board of the appropriate size and shape - the waste from refined food will instantly enter the bin, leaving the table and the floor neat.