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Cutlery tray in the drawer: choose the perfect organizer for the kitchen


Cutlery tray in the drawer - a practical and indispensable thing for any kitchen.

The kitchen should not only look beautiful, but also be functional and practical.

Everything should be arranged in an ergonomic way, so that all items are always at hand.

Tone tray with metal kitchen

Beautiful tray upholstered in velvet in the Provence style kitchen

Plastic bright tray in modern style

Unusual carved tray in the kitchen for cutlery

Textile tray for kitchen appliances

In this regard, all sorts of accessories for the storage of cutlery and dishes become an indispensable thing in the household. They will help keep the necessary items in a strictly designated place.

Hand-made cutlery separator fits easily into a tall kitchen drawer

Of course, the easiest way is to purchase a standard instrument storage tray that fits an average kitchen box. As a rule, such trays are designed in gray or another universal color and do not represent a special aesthetic significance. But if you are more creative, then it is worthwhile to approach the choice of a tray with more imagination.

The plastic tray is convenient and practical to use.

In the spacious drawer you can put other cutlery in addition to spoons and forks

The tray for spoons, forks and knives is a small box, which is divided into sections, each of which is designed to store the corresponding type of device. As a rule, trays have from 4 to 6 sections, both large and small, which makes sorting devices convenient.

Practical wooden organizer in the kitchen drawer

Such trays vary according to the size of the kitchen drawer. Therefore, the main criterion to which you should pay attention when choosing is the size of the box in which you intend to accommodate this liner. If you are a happy owner of a large kitchen box, then you can well afford to choose a tray of the appropriate size, which will fit not only forks, spoons and knives, but also other indispensable accessories for the kitchen: whisk, potato peeler, skimmer, strainer, etc. . The latest innovation is bunk trays that have a maximum capacity.

Convenient and easily accessible cutlery layout

Thus, the cutlery tray in the drawer is an ergonomic fixture. This allows you to fit more forks, spoons and knives, without increasing the area. This accessory is an indispensable thing in any kitchen, as it greatly simplifies cooking and table setting.

In one large box you can arrange trays of different material.

In addition to its main purpose - the packaging and storage of kitchen utensils - the tray performs another important function. So, it serves for drying appliances, contributing to their rapid drying. This device also does not allow water to get on the delicate wooden surface of the box.

Classic plastic tray gray

Currently, any self-respecting factory for the production of kitchens produces and accessories to it, including storage trays. Therefore, problems with finding this little thing you should not have. The cutlery tray in the drawer can be bought online, since there is no shortage of such offers.

Mesh cutlery tray with additional cells

What are standard trays made of? As a rule, such universal materials are used for this:

  • plastic;
  • tree;
  • stainless steel.

With such a tray in the kitchen box will always be order

However, there are very exclusive options, sheathed with velvet or other expensive fabric. Such models are suitable for a rococo or baroque style kitchen. However, in this case, the box should only be used to store collection devices. Therefore, you still have to get a more standard device for daily use.

Beautiful contrasting tray upholstered in black velvet

Tip! Ideally, the tray should be chosen for the style of the kitchen in general and the kitchen unit in particular. So, a tray made of wood will be an ideal option for a Scandinavian-style kitchen. High-tech fans will appreciate the stainless steel accessory. So you can decorate your kitchen with dizayna trays for cutlery.

Built-in two-tier wooden cutlery tray

However, the advantages and disadvantages of each material and its features should also be considered.

One of the most popular materials for the manufacture of trays is plastic. Its key advantages are a presentable appearance and low cost. At the same time, these trays are durable, perfectly resist moisture, fat and other negative things typical of the kitchen. At the same time trays from plastic easily give in to cleaning.

Practical and easy-care plastic tray

Modern trays made of natural wood are also not afraid of moisture. To do this, they are impregnated with special protective oils. However, when handling wooden vaults you should be especially careful: if moisture gets in, they can still lose their original appearance. Therefore, these trays are considered less functional, although they look very impressive.

A large number of compartments in the tray will allow you to place the maximum amount of kitchen utensils.

As for non-traditional trays, trimmed with velvet, they are ideal for expensive devices. Become an ideal place to store silver knives and forks and highlight their value. In this case, the usual tray turns into a source of pride for the owners and a collection item.

Exquisite velvet tray in a modern kitchen interior

If you are not a supporter of standard solutions, then in addition to exotic material, you can also consider the option using trays of different colors. These liners perfectly fit into the styles of pop art or high-tech. For example, the compartment for storing knives can be kept in yellow, and for storage of forks in green. In this case, it will be even easier for you to determine which device to put in which box.

Rubberized fabric at the bottom of the wooden tray will help to save it from scratches.

In addition to the standard trays that fit easily into the kitchen drawer, you can consider another option. Recently, wall-mounted storage shelves are gaining popularity, in which you can put beautiful dishes, such as porcelain plates for guests that you rarely use. However, this option is more decorative than functional.

Original organizers for cutlery emphasize the style of your interior.

Decorative organizer for cutlery with their own hands

The more storage sections there are, the better. In this case, in addition to the traditional spoons, forks and knives, you can keep whips and other necessary trifles.

A large number of sections in the tray will help save space on your desktop

Tip! If you do not have enough liners, then why not purchase additional ones? This will greatly simplify the search for the right devices.

Additional stand for knives in the kitchen drawer

Do not forget that the inserts should be looked after. After all, often they get crumbs from the table and the remnants of food. Therefore, trays are recommended to be periodically cleaned. Perhaps the best cleaning carry plastic trays. They can simply be washed with running water and detergent, which should be rinsed thoroughly. Do not forget to clean the box in which the tray is stored.

Clean the kitchen - the guarantee of health and beauty

If you want something completely unusual and unique, then why not make a tray yourself? It is not necessary to store devices in a horizontal form. An excellent idea would be to place the spoons, forks and knives in special pockets suspended from the wall. Such a stylish accessory will be an excellent addition, for example, for a Provence style kitchen. Each of the pockets is designed to store the corresponding devices. Pockets can be attached to wooden boards and hung on hooks in a convenient place above the cooking zone.

Homemade drawers on the wall of wire cutlery

To create such an accessory, you will need standard cutting boards made of wood (small size), colored fabric (depending on the style of the interior) and metal fixings.

Multicolored bright pots from under flowers with instruments arranged in them will look very original. And if you also sign each of them, it will only improve the organization of space.

An original idea for a house with your own hands

Glass jars can also be used as an alternative storage place for cutlery. Attach to them labels indicating the type of device - and the original accessory is ready.

Another original device for storing kitchen appliances is parts from the Lego designer. With their help, you can lay out a cube with a hollow space inside, in which, for example, place spoons. This accessory will be appropriate to look in the kitchen in the style of hi-tech or modern.

Colorful stand from Lego for tableware instead of tray

Thus, in the kitchen, trays for cutlery can be placed both in the drawer and adapted to the wall. In the latter case, the most suitable pockets for storage.

Beautiful drawers for cutlery will be a great addition to the interior of your kitchen.

A nice device that replaces the tray in the box