Useful ideas

Unexpected ways to use chalk


Many people associate chalk with the school, or rather with the school board and a lot of words, formulas and images.

And all of us at one time had to do with the “masterpieces” that decorated the road in the courtyard, and the multi-colored “painting” on the nearby sidewalks.

But only a few know that these rods of soft white limestone are capable of more.

1. Hide the spots on the ceiling

Temporarily hide scuffs of water or traces of dirt on the ceiling before a good repair, you can use white chalk. Rub these areas to them until the spots are brightened or completely disappeared.

2. Remove grease stains

Rub the stained area with chalk and leave for 10 minutes. This will help absorb fat. Before loading into the washing machine, wipe off excess chalk.

3. Clean collar

Carefully wipe the stain with white chalk. Chalk will absorb pollution. Leave the chalk for 10 minutes and then lock as usual.

4. Remove grease stains from suede

Crush the chalk and sprinkle it on a greasy stain. Leave for a few hours or overnight. Then shake off. Chalk dust will absorb fat from suede.

5. Preventing mildew and unpleasant odors in the laundry basket

Place a few pieces of chalk in a plastic bag and chop up, and then put this open bag in the bottom of the dirty laundry basket. Chalk will absorb moisture from clothes, preventing the occurrence of mold. Replace the package once a month.

6. Silver will shine

Put the chalk in the place where you store the silverware. It will absorb moisture and retain the brilliance of silver.

7. Jewelry will not fade.

A piece of chalk in the box will also prevent jewelry from tarnishing. Chalk will absorb the sulfur compounds inside the box and the decorations will not blacken.

8. Clean tin items

Make a paste of crushed chalk and vodka. Rub the tin object, rinse it and polish it.

9. Preventing stale odor in wardrobe

Pieces of chalk in the cabinet will prevent staleness, which is often formed in closed cabinets.

10. Movement pattern during furniture reorganization

Chalk can be used to create an approximate version of the rearrangement of furniture. You can draw a pattern on the floor. And look from the side before you start moving things around.

11. Perfect sanding surfaces

Grind chalk on the surface you are grinding. Keep polishing until the surface is completely flat.

12. Rust protection

The chalk absorbs moisture, so a handful of chalk in the tool box will help prevent corrosion.

13. Screwdriver will be “obedient”

Rub a little chalk on the head of the screw so that the screwdriver does not slide.

14. Instant wall repair

To quickly remove small dents and scratches on your walls, find a piece of chalk of the appropriate color and rub these areas.

15. Ant remedies

For some reason, ants do not like to cross lines drawn in chalk. Draw a line at the doorways, on the windowsills, in a word, wherever the ants come from to your house.

16. Whitening nails

Rub the brush with white chalk, then wipe it under the tips of the nails. The bristles will remove dirt from under the nails, and the white chalk will make the inner surface light, clean and well-groomed.

17. Shining metal or marble

In a bowl, crush several pieces of chalk (color does not matter) into a fine powder. Dampen a soft cloth and dip it into crushed chalk, rub the metal or marble. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry. The chalk granules will remove the dark sediment without damaging the surface.

18. Keys in the lock

Is the key stuck in the lock? Rub a piece of chalk along the teeth of the key, and then turn the key in the lock several times. Chalky particles will absorb dirt and moisture inside the castle.

19. Installing the door hardware

To get an exact fit for the door hardware, mark the space on the door, and then close the door. Chalk will help mark the exact place for the latch, lock, etc.

20. Decor on the pattern of paper

Rub colored crayons into a bowl of water, and then dip a piece of paper in the water. Let it dry, and then with the help of hairspray you can perform the desired design.

21. New crayons

You can take the remaining pieces of chalk and make a new chalk! Just crush and mix with water, pour in some suitable form and let the mixture dry. By the way, you can make brighter colors by adding food colors. Done! Now your children can continue the artistic experiments on asphalt.