Useful ideas

15 ideas of stylish design of the head of the bed, which will make a small masterpiece of the bedroom


The head of the bed is an interior detail, which for some reason is unfairly often forgotten. And in vain ... The bedside headboard looks more than impressive, becoming a real decoration of the bedroom.

In addition, it is able to partially protect the wall from contamination and mechanical damage. We share amazing ideas for decorating the headboard with your own hands.

1. Funny pictures

The head of the bed can be painted.

A simple but effective idea for decorating the head of the bed is to paint the wall. Depending on the level of artistic skills, you can choose a simple or intricate pattern. Another option is to purchase vinyl stickers on the wall. They are easily peeled off at any time without harm to the finish wall.

2. For the most intelligent

The head of the bed with his own hands from books.

In the majority of apartments, dead weight contains books that are not interesting enough to read them again. Throwing them does not raise a hand. From old books you can make a headboard with your own hands. To make the construction stable, glue the covers of the books together.

3. Natural wood - timeless classics

Wooden headboard with their own hands.

Even old boards can be useful for decorating the bed head with their own hands. For the headboard to serve for a long time, it is necessary to use protective wood impregnation. Otherwise, it will lose its original appearance rather quickly.

4. From the living room to the bedroom

Headboard from falshkamina.

Of course, there is no need to equip a real fireplace in the bedroom in order to turn it into a headboard in the future. There is a much less labor-intensive way. You can purchase a false cast of plaster. If necessary, it is easily painted in any color, so it harmoniously fits into any bedroom interior.

5. Cozy pillow headboard

Soft bedside headboard.

All the usual option for the bedroom decor - pillows lying on the bed. But why not go the other way and decorate their wall behind the bed headboard? It is only necessary to attach a part of the eaves to the wall, and sew strips of fabric that will play the role of ties to the pillows.

6. Democratic replacement canopy

Registration of a headboard textiles.

Blind behind the bed is an unusual decor option that is guaranteed not to be left unattended by guests. If you do not want to spend too much time on the selection of bed linen suitable colors, stop at the fabric of a neutral color.

7. Eco-friendly

The decor of the headboard with wooden saw cuts.

Wooden saw cuts fixed on a piece of plywood of a suitable size - a spectacular decor of the bed headboard. It will cost inexpensive, but be sure to transform the interior of the bedroom.

8. Exquisite textiles

Decor headboard cloth.

For the manufacture of such a headboard you will need a piece of fabric, plywood and foam rubber. Foam is glued to plywood, and then the resulting construction is covered with a cloth. It remains to secure the fabric on the seamy side of the headboard. For example, sew opposite edges.

9. Beautiful and practical

Furniture wall at the head.

In the bedroom a bunch of necessary trifles always accumulate, and there is not enough space to store them. The way out of the situation will be the furniture wall at the head of the bed. To make it practical, place the open shelves in its upper part.

10. Elegant screen

Headboard decor screen.

A screen is an item that makes any interior more refined. If it was not possible to find a ready-made screen, then it can be made to order or with your own hands. It will take several pieces of rectangular plywood or wood and metal corners.

11. Of the universal pallet

The headboard of the pallet.

Pallets cost a penny, but the scope of their use - more than wide. Several pallets knocked together form a wooden headboard. Do not forget about protective impregnation for wood. Another option is to coat the surface with lacquer. So the chance to get hurt about its rough surface will be reduced to zero.

12. Fabric panel

Textile decor in the bedroom.

With minimal artistic skills on a piece of white fabric, you can portray a simple landscape. Use fabrics for batik. So the picture will be securely fixed on the fabric, and the panel can be washed if necessary.

13. From the floor to the wall

Rug for registration of a headboard.

A woven bamboo or reed rug will be a spectacular headboard and canopy at the same time. It is only necessary to provide brackets fixed in the ceiling above the bed.

14. Maximum of tree

The headboard of the wooden array.

A wooden array is not cheap, but such a headboard can really become the highlight of the bedroom.

15. A little Zazerkalya

Mirror headboard with their own hands.

Mirror headboard is especially important for the bedroom of a small area. After all, the presence of a mirror surface contributes to a visual increase in space.