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Ideas for modern bathroom design


A bathroom is a room whose interior should be not only comfortable and practical from the point of view of the operation of sanitary ware items, but also aesthetic, cozy and comfortable. In the bathroom, it is necessary to create a relaxing atmosphere that helps not only to carry out water and sanitary procedures, but also to relax after a hard day’s work, to gain strength for new achievements. In the formation of such a design every detail is important, not to mention the choice of the main components. This publication is devoted to ideas on the design of modern bathrooms. We hope that a large selection of design projects will help you to be inspired for a global repair or a small alteration of your bathroom.

Actual ideas for creating original finishes

Bathroom decoration should perform several functions - to reliably protect surfaces from high humidity and temperature changes, to be practical in terms of care. But not only the functionality and practicality we expect from the design of the ceiling, walls and floor in the utilitarian space, the aesthetics of the decoration, the originality of the choice of color or texture solutions, the creative combination of various finishing materials are important.

One of the most topical ways of combining materials of different colors within a bathroom is a combination of light and dark surfaces. Contrast design always helps not only to emphasize the ideal geometry of the room, but also to bring dynamism to the interior. In addition, on a dark background finish snow-white plumbing looks particularly impressive. With the help of a local dark finish, you can create an accent and emphasize the originality of the forms of plumbing devices.

Another non-losing way to combine bathroom furnishings is a combination of neutral tones with materials of bright colors, variegated patterns and patterns. It can be a combination of bright ceramic tiles and bright mosaics with metallic luster (for gold, copper or silver). Not less popular is the combination of textured tiles that imitate stonework or concrete walls with products that have a bright print, a thematic drawing, or even photo printing.

Unusual plumbing - interior highlight

It is obvious that the most part of the bathroom is occupied by sanitary fittings - a bath or shower, sink, toilet. One of the simple, but effective solutions for creating the original interior is the acquisition of creative models of plumbing. Unusual shapes or colors in themselves can be a highlight of the bathroom design and not require any accompaniments in the form of original accessories. Each popular manufacturer of plumbing has a line of original models of bathtubs and sinks, cantilever (hanging) toilet bowls and bidets, spacious or compact hydroboxes. The choice of original plumbing will depend on the size of the utility room, the needs of a particular family and its financial capabilities.

Suspended models of sinks, toilets and bidets not only help to save the precious useful space of small bathrooms, but also bring the motifs of modern style to the interior.

Accessories for plumbing in an unusual performance

Glitter chromed accessories for bathroom plumbing already surprise no one. Depending on the chosen style of bathroom design, you can choose faucets and shower heads, made with antique (copper, brass coatings with a deliberately applied patina) or ultra-modern accessories in ceramics, in black or white.

Black faucets, shower heads and other plumbing accessories look incredibly stylish, perfectly fitting the modern style of the interior, hi-tech and contemporary. The contrast of dark tones helps not only to emphasize important functional segments, but also to create contrasting dynamics in the character of the interior.

Practical and aesthetic storage systems

None, even the most modest bathroom in size, can do without storage systems. But the possibilities of utilitarian space are not limited to the traditional cabinet under the sink or a wall cabinet with a mirrored door above it. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose from the following original options for creating systems or storage surfaces.

Built-in storage systems are always aesthetic, roomy and allow you to save valuable bathroom space. It can be both cabinets with facades, and racks with open shelves. It is only important to take into account that all materials must be impregnated with special antiseptics against the formation and reproduction of fungal bacteria.

The original open shelves themselves are able to attract attention, not to mention its content. The most important use of wood for the execution of small, but quite roomy shelves. As if the aged wood or intentionally raw surface ideally fits into the modern style of the bathroom.

No less originality can be achieved using shelves attached to the ceiling in several tiers, consisting of metal and wooden elements. The whole composition of open shelves inevitably attracts attention.

Mobile storage systems include various baskets, trays, wicker or wooden containers, which are filled with bath accessories. Only one such detail can bring to the most strict interior of the bathroom a touch of warmth and comfort.

Not less mobility posters on wheels. Two or three tiers of shelves allow the design to be spacious, convenient to use and at the same time aesthetic storage system.

In order to organize not just a comfortable, but an incredibly convenient and relaxing acceptance of water procedures, it is enough to equip the utilitarian room with a small board (the width of the bath). You can put a book on it, put candles, a small vase with flowers, an aroma lamp or a glass of juice.

Original hangers and holders

You can add originality to the bathroom interior with the help of minor details, for example, unusual holders for towels, bathrobes and other bath accessories.

How about using a small ladder as a hanger? The advantage of such a device is mobility - you do not need to drill the walls (together with ceramic or stone tiles) or use any other type of fastening. On the rungs of the stairs you can not only hang textiles, but also attach containers for small things.

Bathroom lighting system

Lighting for the bathroom are no less important than the correct choice of plumbing and accessories for it. Even in the most modest-sized rooms, it is difficult to get along with a single ceiling lamp - it should be spot lighting in several places of the ceiling or strip lights around the perimeter. It is important to create the necessary level of illumination in the mirror zone above the sink (or a pair of sinks) - this can be a backlight built into the mirror surface or wall lamps. In a small bathroom, the lighting system helps create a visual expansion of the volume of space.

If the height of the bathroom ceiling allows the use of hanging lamps, then it makes sense to use the lighting device not only for its intended purpose, but also as a decorative element. The original model of a chandelier or a pair of pendant lamps is able to introduce creativity into the design of a bathroom and become accent elements of the interior.

Candles can hardly be attributed to the elements of the lighting system of the bathroom, but they can definitely be used as a decorative element. Not to mention that candles help to create a special, relaxing atmosphere for a leisurely bath and other water treatments.

Decorative items

Often the interior of the bathroom has a fairly strict appearance. In particular, this applies to small rooms, which, in order to increase the space visually, are trimmed exclusively in bright colors. So that the walls covered with light tiles do not cause associations with the sterile operating room, small accents and details that attract the eye are needed. It can be a beautiful shell, a starfish, an original plant (and finding a variety that loves humidity is not difficult), hand-painted vessels for liquid soap, bath salts and other bath accessories.