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Fantastic design ideas for children


When children appear in the house, you need to think about arranging a room for the child.

Design options, fortunately - a huge set. In the traditional review, two dozens of fantastic ideas were collected on how to organize everything.

1. Bedroom Superhero

Themed bedroom design for a boy.

Modern bedroom interior for a boy, with black and white walls, a low frameless bed, an original locker and an abundance of decorative elements in the style of Batman comics.

2. Bright design

Bedroom with bright walls and furniture.

Bright bedroom with bright story stickers on the walls, original wall cabinets, decorated with paintings, a small safe bed, a table for creativity and bright carpets.

3. A cozy place

Room with an accent wall and an original sofa.

A wonderful bedroom for a child of any gender, with an accent blue wall, an original plywood sofa, wicker baskets, fresh flowers in pots and an abundance of bright details that make this space cozy and cheerful.

4. Botany

Bedroom with floral wallpaper and green bed.

A stunning bedroom with extraordinary energy, which was created thanks to a high bed with a lot of built-in cabinets, rich green color and an accent wall, decorated with wallpaper with a floral print.

5. Playing

Bright children with the original bed.

A charming children's room, decorated in neutral light shades, with a unique bed with a small slide, a ladder, a pedestal and a chalk board on the bottom.

Classic children in white and pink.

Children's bedroom with blue walls, an attic bed with a secluded place for games and relaxation below, classic white dressers, open shelves and many small knick-knacks that create warmth and comfort in this room.

7. Bedroom dreamer

Bedroom in the Scandinavian style.

The wonderful interior of the nursery, decorated in the Scandinavian style, with light wallpaper, decorated with large stars, a wooden table-shelf by the window, an attic bed, a cozy sofa, a chest of drawers made of light wood, charming gray carpet and an abundance of cute decor items that make this space beautiful and dreamy.

8. Attention to details

Bright bedroom with original decor.

Amazing bedroom with white walls, a two-story bed and traces of cat legs on the bright floor.

9. Bohemian style

Interior in the style of boho.

Magnificent bedroom in the style of boho, with white walls and a wooden bed in the attic with a place to rest at the bottom, hidden behind bright curtains, which probably will appeal to a teenage girl.

10. Attraction

Bedroom with a slide.

Fantastic bedroom, the highlight of which was the built-in bed with lockers, a game area at the top, a staircase and a large slide.

11. Bright combination

Bedroom with blue-green walls.

Stylish, laconic and bright room with a modest cot, compact wooden cabinet and fantastic wall design, which became the main feature of this space.

12. Swings

Bright children with hanging chair.

A cozy nursery with bright wall murals on the walls and a charming hanging chair-swing, which became the highlight of the interior.

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13. Tropical motifs

Elegant bedroom with tropical motifs.

A stylish and elegant bedroom with an accent wall of deep blue, a vintage chest of drawers, a beautiful round mirror, a carpet, an original chandelier and tall plants in stylish tubs will be a cozy refuge for both a baby and an adult child.

14. Gentle charm

Bedroom in pink and white colors.

The lovely interior of the room of two children, with white and pink walls, comfortable and modern gray bed, loft bed, charming gray rug and wonderful decorative details, creating comfort in this bedroom.

15. Flower clearing

Flower interior baby room.

Amazing design of the newborn's room, with an accent wall decorated with an active floral print, a white bed, a changing table, a wooden chair, a pink ottoman and a wonderful tepee that will soon become your favorite place to play.

16. Scandinavian style

Children's room in the Scandinavian style.

The unusual interior of the nursery, decorated in black and white, with a transforming bed that can grow as needed, an amusing self-made wigwam and a compact table for study and creativity.

17. Indian Indulgence

Children's in Indian style.

The tiny attic bedroom with images of trees on the walls, a low frameless bed, decorated with a canopy in the form of a wigwam and simple home-made shelves will surely suit the little chief of an Indian tribe.

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18. Calm and nobility

Calm nursery in gray tones.

The unusual interior of the nursery, decorated in soothing light gray colors, with an unusual vintage bed under a canopy, an original carpet, an antique suitcase and many charming paintings on the walls.

19. Princess quarters

Fantastic bedroom for the girl.

Wonderful bedroom with neutral gray walls, a bed with a mobile and an elegant canopy, swings, tiny side tables, open shelves and a cozy light rug.

20. Bright design

Bright interior of teenage girl's bedroom.

Amazing bedroom with snow-white walls, decorated with a print in the form of pink drops, a bright pink bed, a laconic dresser, a charming rug and an original poster in a modern style.

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