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Perfect dressing room - how to avoid mistakes on arrangement


It is always nice to know that the house is in perfect order and every thing is in its place. This is especially true of the dressing area, room or closet, where it is often quite difficult to place the clothes, shoes and accessories of each family member.

Today we’ll talk not so much about specific cases of improper organization of a dressing room, but we’ll tell you about the general rules for placing everything you need within a wardrobe or a separate area for storing clothes.

Major mistakes wardrobe arrangement

You are probably familiar with the feeling of vexation, when a lot of time is spent searching for the right thing, or among the basic wardrobe there is no place for the necessary daily trifles. Such situations occur when the space of the closet or dressing room is equipped with errors, excluding the installation of mandatory and secondary compartments, or simply because of ignorance of the elementary rules.

Error - not enough light

The installation of lighting devices should occur before the installation of the wardrobe structure (shelves, bars, boxes), because without them you will not be able to find things in the twilight of the morning or evening.

Light should be used around the perimeter of the dressing room so that the devices (if there are several) illuminate each main compartment.

For example:

  1. Lamp over the rack with shoes.
  2. Lamp over the compartment with hangers.
  3. The lamp above the cabinet with drawers.

Error - illiterate use of space

When the owners have a separate wardrobe area, you cannot use it on a whim, that is, thoughtlessly and intuitively, because you can miss the opportunity to place things so that there is enough space for an off-season wardrobe, winter shoes or bed linen.

A dressing room should be well thought out, and the design of cabinets should include different sections in size and purpose: for outerwear, for festive clothes, for shoes, for accessories, for trousers, for linen and other things.

When ordering the design of the dressing room, you should clarify the presence of the upper compartments for storing winter clothes, hats, bedspreads and other things that you do not often use. Remember, the dressing room will become more functional and roomy if it is installed along the wall from the floor to the ceiling itself.

Error - lack of order

Most often, the inability to find a specific thing and place a new purchase is the fault of a simple mess and a glut of wardrobe with stale sweaters, dresses and pants that we will wear when ...

Do not deceive yourself that the thing will serve in the future, because if we don’t wear anything for more than two years, we will most likely never wear it. Is it necessary to occupy space with what has gone out of fashion (rubbed, faded, does not fit in size) a few seasons ago, when there is a need to post new actual and good things.

Allocate time and carefully sort out your wardrobe, eliminating unnecessary, then the cabinet will change, and there will be a place to distribute things, for example, by purpose, color, style or season.

Tips for decorating a dressing room

Next, we present you with useful recommendations in order to make the wardrobe roomy, neat and functional.


Very often, you will notice that even in a spacious closet or dressing room there are not enough sections for things that need to be stored in straightened form, that is, on trempels. As a result, it takes a lot of time to re-iron the shirts, blouses and dresses made of thin fabrics.

Remember: shelves and drawers in the dressing room should be three times less than the sections with rods and hangers - this will help extend the life of things, and maintain their presentable appearance.


Any shoes, whether men's shoes, women's shoes, or summer flip-flops, should not be accidentally squeezed between things, or criminally folded into a container in a shapeless pile. Shoes and shoes from this easily and permanently deformed, losing the original appearance.

Therefore, in order for the shoes to please their appearance for a long time, you should equip special shelves in the dressing room, or put a stand-slim. For storing children's shoes, you can hang the holder with pockets against a wall, door or cabinet door - unusual and compact.


Niches formed between sections of the dressing room should not remain empty; they can be equipped with neat containers, closed or transparent, in which it is convenient to store blankets, rubber boots or high winter shoes.

Install a barbell outside a wardrobe or outside of a wardrobe, for example, in a niche or wall, hang outwear, evening dresses and jackets on it.


When setting up a dressing room, it is important to know that its shelves should not be too deep; ideally, 30-35 cm deep will be enough. So, all things, on trempelya or folded in piles, will remain in sight, and you will just find the right one.

It is also recommended to use transparent mesh containers and plastic semi-gloss boxes, through the walls of which the colors of sweaters and T-shirts will be visible. In addition, we advise you not to clutter the lower space of your wardrobe or closet, but to move things to the upper shelves so that you can get close to the shelves.


Sure, most of you keep all kinds of small wardrobe items in your closet, such as belts, scarves, gloves, jewelry, socks, and underwear. But is it convenient to place all these things we need in the dressing room? Often, they are arranged in a random order between the main wardrobe items, which is very puzzling when you need to quickly create an image for the day or evening.

Drawers with compartments for linen, neckties or belts will help to organize storage of accessories; We also recommend attaching a few hooks or a special scarf holder to a wall or a closet door, but for large and small bags it is better to take a separate stationary shelf.