Useful ideas

Ideas that will help create a cozy place in the house for yourself


With the onset of cold weather, many suffer from a blues, but there is a great way to overcome it and diversify their leisure time.

You just need to buy (or take in the library) a good novel, which captures from the very first sentences, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and sit comfortably in the reading corner.

Making it easy, we have collected 30 of the most striking examples!


Reading corner on the windowsill.

First you need to determine where there will be a place for reading. It is desirable that it is located at the source of natural light. Ideally - at the window (located on the south side) or on the balcony, if it is warmed. You can also use an empty corner or niche, equip a pantry under the mini-library. In this case, you need to consider additional lighting. One lamp can not do here, it is better if it will be spotlights.

Corner for reading under the stairs.

Cozy place to relax.

By the way, it would be nice to look for a place to read, organized on the windowsill. Here there is enough light, and it is easy to equip storage systems for books, and there is no need to think about what to sit on.

Reading corner on the balcony.

Stylish and beautiful.

A place to read in the corner.

Comfortable armchair

Beautiful chair, which is nice to touch.

Scandinavian style armchair.

Cozy knitted chair.

Stylish hanging chair.

Soft pillows and warm blanket

A cozy place to read.

During the period when the heating was not yet turned on, and it was already cold outside, I instinctively want to wrap myself up in a warm blanket right on my nose, especially while reading a book. To make the corner as cozy and comfortable as possible, it should be supplemented with several decorative soft pillows. It's great if they are knitted, corduroy or fur. In the cold season, the fingers stretch to the pleasant to the touch textures. The plaid should also be soft, fluffy and warm, suitable options are not made of pure wool (they are rather spiky), but with the addition of merino wool, viscose, plush.

Plaid, as an element of the interior.

Plaid in the corner for reading.

Knitted decorative pillows.

Stylish reading corner.

Cozy accessories.

Mat underfoot

Carpet in the corner for reading.

Reading a single book can fascinate not just one or even two hours. Therefore, putting your feet on the "bare" floor is not good at all. A small rug will be a great interior addition to a book corner, will give comfort when reading and make the space more cozy. A good choice in this case is sheepskin, a rug made of faux fur or knitted yarn, as well as merino wool.

Decorative skin as a rug.

Book Storage Systems

When in the house there are a lot of books.

When making a corner for reading you should take care of the storage systems for the books themselves. For example, make several open shelves, or arrange a bookshelf directly under the window sill. Also, the book will be perfectly placed in a bench or chair with a storage box. The rack will be a rack, today they are produced in a variety of configurations (for small spaces too).

An example of storing books in the reading corner.

Stylish storage.

An example of how books can be stored.

Light and comfortable

Reading corner, equipped with a floor lamp.

The final stage of design - the choice of the lamp. It is needed even where there is no shortage of natural light. Many book lovers prefer to read in the evening and at night. The light source must fall on the book and not blind the reader himself, otherwise the eyes will quickly get tired and sick. Therefore, it is worth stopping the choice on floor lamps and lamps, in which the direction of light is freely regulated.

Cozy and stylish, you can read!

Nothing extra.

Stylish book corner.

In this corner you want to read historical novels.

Light, cozy and stylish.

A place to read your favorite books.