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Stylish storage of umbrellas: 15 original supports and tips for choosing them.


There are objects without which it is quite possible to do in the interior, but it is they who make the space stylish, bring into it a zest and originality. These include coasters for umbrellas.

True, in addition to the aesthetic function they perform and practical. Today we understand how to choose a similar accessory and successfully fit it into the interior of the hallway.

Why do I need an umbrella stand?

Stylish umbrella stand.

The umbrella is an accessory that does not take up much space. This is a fairly compact piece of furniture necessary for the aesthetic storage of umbrellas. Especially, the use of such a stand is important in the off-season - in spring and autumn, when the weather spoils the sun less and there is frequent rain outside the window. On the one hand, it is a very practical accessory that helps maintain order in a small hallway. On the other hand, the umbrella affects the visual perception of the interior. It is the very detail from which the overall picture is usually built.

Careful storage of umbrellas.

What you need to remember when choosing a umbrella?

The original umbrella.

When choosing a stand for umbrellas, it is necessary to pay attention not only to its appearance. Well, if it is equipped with a tray to collect moisture, otherwise the owners of the apartment will constantly have to wipe the water under the umbrella.

Stand for umbrellas in the interior hallway.

One of the important factors when buying this accessory is size. Here you should take into account the square of the room itself, as well as the number of umbrellas. For a small family, a standard round stand will do, but wherever they like to receive guests, or the family consists of more than 3 people, you will need a holder of a different shape and larger size.

Unusual stand for umbrellas.

The umbrella stand should fit the space concisely. It can be made in the same style or shade with other furniture or it can act as an accent, but it does not stand out from the general interior concept.

Racks in modern style.

And still it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the umbrellas themselves and select the stand directly under them. For fashionable long canes, tall models are suitable, for children's umbrellas there are special stylized holders, for small umbrellas there are compact, low racks.

Children's rack for umbrellas.

What material is more practical?

Laconic umbrella design.

From which only today do not stand for umbrellas! Plastic, metal, ceramics, rattan, wood, glass and even stone. In the store, the eyes can literally run up from a wide range. When choosing a particular material, you need to rely on several factors - the concept of the interior, practicality and pricing.

If you need a cheap and practical option, then you should pay attention to the model of plastic. They are performed in a variety of stylistic decisions, sometimes very funny and original. This is an inexpensive option that, if used carefully, will serve no season. The pricing policy for such accessories starts from 1000 rubles.

Metal coasters can be safely classified as eternal. They are not afraid of mechanical damage, they are protected from corrosion by special coatings. Look like these racks more solid than plastic, but they are more expensive. Here one thousand can not do, will have to prepare at least 10 000 rubles.

Creative design umbrella.

Ceramics looks stylish and beneficial in any space, especially in a classic or Scandinavian interior. Products from this material automatically fall into the category of noble. They are less practical than plastic or metal, you need to treat them carefully and carefully. Pottery will obviously be superfluous where there are small children; there is a high probability that during the games it will simply break. But these accessories are not three kopecks, on average, the price of ceramic coasters starts from 14-15 thousand rubles.

For fragile materials can also be attributed to glass, however, today some manufacturers create quite strong models that are resistant to mechanical damage. Glass is the perfect ally of hi-tech or fusion interior. This material visually facilitates the interior and does not clutter up the space.

Wooden umbrella stand.

The wood will perfectly fit in a rustic and classic style, will last for many years if you take care of such a stand properly. Be sure to choose models where the tree is impregnated with moisture resistant means. Prices for wooden coasters range from 8 to 30 thousand, exclusive designer models can cost much more.

Stylish addition to the hallway.

Rattan is a very practical material, it is resistant to moisture, temperature, burnout in the sun. So the stand from it can be safely put not only in the hallway, but also on the balcony.

Top of originality

Unusual storage of umbrellas.

When choosing a stand for umbrellas, you can stay on the traditional universal models that fit into any space. But if you want to make notes of originality in the space and surprise the guests, then it is better to buy models of unusual shapes and colors. Of course, finding such in any store is difficult, but their large selection is presented in online stores.

Very original.