Useful ideas

12 ideas to help streamline things even when there is no place at all


In most cases, there is a catastrophic lack of space in the apartment to accommodate all the necessary things. Therefore, it is often necessary to simply dispose of some of them, or to pile them on each other, which often looks far unaesthetic. But, as they say, there are no hopeless situations. Thanks to interesting and accessible ideas, you can create a cozy atmosphere and arrange everything in places even in small apartments. Using the tips below, you can easily place things so that they are not at hand, not taking up much space.

1. Out of sight!

Hide everything that can be hidden.

Use wardrobes and bedside tables, having carefully thought out their "stuffing". Doors and walls can be equipped with all sorts of textile pockets, holders, shelves and hooks. This will help not only save space, but also conveniently place various small things that will always be at hand.

2. Under the sink

Sliding lockers with compartments. Convenient, practical and comfortable.

Trays, boxes and containers for detergents and other necessary trifles.

We use a jar with a twist to store bath-bath accessories and decorative bags for napkins, towels and paper.

For storage of detergents, sponges, rags and other necessary trifles, use different trays and containers. This will save not only time, but also space. After all, everything you need is always at hand. Comfortable and convenient.

3. Storage systems as part of the interior.

Shelves, stairs - an alternative to the traditional rack.

We use wicker baskets of different shapes. Practical, beautiful and compact.

The modern world is replete with a huge variety of decorative items, which can be easily used not only for interior decoration, but also for storing various things: books, souvenirs, vases, toys, clothes and other things.

Proper storage in the kitchen is a vital necessity.

Rails in the interior of the kitchen.

Placing kitchen utensils in a sliding wardrobe is not only practical for storing utensils, but can also save space in the kitchen.

Sliding cabinets can serve not only as a place to store dishes and cutlery, but also safely accommodate vegetables, fruits, bread and even cereals. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment, choosing bold solutions. The same situation with the shelves and rails. They will be an excellent addition to the interior and an excellent place to store all the necessary.

5. Order in the nursery

An example of the organization of storage systems in the nursery.

Colored buckets in the interior of the children's room.

Such an unusual shelf of decorative wide tubes is an ideal option for storing small toys.

A bold decision - wicker baskets, bright colored buckets and shelves, thanks to which you can store not only children's toys, but also things. In addition, such a bold decision ideally emphasizes the interior of the children's room and the order reigning in it.

6. Bedroom

The ideal solution for storing various things in the bedroom.

The ideal solution for storing things can be different shelves, cabinets, dressers, as well as retractable niches in the beds.

7. Hallway

Choose a multifunctional wardrobe. Such a bold decision will help save both time and place.

When everything is at hand and in their places.

Pay attention to competent storage of shoes, bags, umbrellas and outerwear. Even the smallest hallway can be made cozy and functional.

8. Storage on the balcony

Choose cabinets, shelves and racks.

The organization of the workplace on the balcony.

With the right approach to the choice of shelves and cabinets on the balcony you can place a lot of different things from children's toys to tools, sleds and bicycles. And some craftsmen manage to organize a work corner or a meeting place with friends on the balcony.

9. Living room

Open shelves and racks.

Another universal technique is open shelves of various configurations and at different heights.

To store things in the living room you can use not only niches, shelves, cabinets, but also shelves.

10. Compact clothes storage

Hanger and rings for scarves.

Rails, hooks and baskets on the doors of the cabinet.

Trays for accessories in the hallway.

It would seem that such simple at first glance things like hangers, rings, rails, trays and baskets will help to compactly and concisely place not only belts and scarves, but also clutches, glasses, hats, gloves and other things.

11. Hang something big on the wall.

The walls can also be used for storage.

And it's not just about the bookshelves. Any large items can be stored on the walls.

At first glance, such an idea may seem rather strange. But in fact, this is a very original solution to all problems associated with the lack of space for storing large items. So feel free to use this option in addition to the TV, to place on the wall, for example, a bicycle, sled or something else.

12. Get creative with storing printed products and other small items.

Any printed matter can be conveniently stored ... Yes, yes, that is, in the dryer for dishes.

Store small office is very convenient in the usual forms for cupcakes.

Organizer for cosmetics greatly simplifies life - it is a fact. It can be made independently from improvised means. For example, from various trays and boxes.

Many of us are constantly faced with the eternal problem, where to stick magazines, newspapers and other trifles that may be needed at any time. And so that all this does not create a mess around you should use compact and functional trays. For example, those that are designed for dishes in the kitchen.