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10 effective lifehacks that will make everyday life much easier


Daily domestic problems are able to knock out the most calm person. But if you know some everyday tricks, you can make your own life much easier.

In this review, a few vital secrets that will add optimism to this difficult life and a few will brighten up the everyday routine.

1. Clerical gum

Stationery gum when painting.

This is a great example of a really useful life hacking for those who love to do everything with their own hands. When something needs to be painted with a brush, there is always a problem with an excess amount of paint on the brush. Not only is this risk of splashing all around, it can also lead to uneven paint application.

You can spend a lot of money on special accessories for drawing, or you can simply use a regular elastic band (for hair or money). The rubber should be pulled on the open jar (across the hole) and simply “shake off” excess paint about it from the brush after dipping it into the jar.

2. Plastic plates

Plastic plates on the protection of ceramic.

When moving from one apartment to another, there is always a problem - how to protect the plates from being defeated. Usually, each plate is wrapped in newspapers or bubble wrap, but there is one interesting lay-up that will help make it all easier.

Few people have enough time and patience to carefully wrap each plate, and much faster will be to shift the usual plates in a stack of plastic.

3. Condom

Condom - protective tape.

Everyone suffered burns and was forced to apply ointment to the damaged area, and on top of a bandage or elastic bandage. It turns out that you can save a lot and make an elastic waterproof bandage from the material at hand.

We need to take a condom and cut it from the closed end. Now you just need to tighten it on the damaged limb (of course, on top of an ointment and a patch).

4. Cat tray in the car

Cat litter.

In winter, humidity in the car can cause a lot of problems. Of course, you can use an air conditioner or wipe it all with a rag. But it is a long time, and there is a way much easier.

You just need to fill the sock with cat litter and put it in the car. Absorbing capacity of the filler will solve all the problems with moisture in the car.

5. Use frozen grapes to cool wine

Frozen grapes to cool the wine.

Surely, many who came across such a situation, when he brought home a bottle of his beloved "Chardonnay" and simply can not wait for it to cool. Of course, you can just put the wine in the fridge, but why do it if there is one very curious and delicious life hack.

Instead of using ice, why not put frozen grapes in a glass of wine. This will cool the wine to an ideal temperature, without spoiling its taste.

6. Spring cable protection

Spring cable reinforcement.

It seems that mobile device manufacturers are purposefully designing their cords as fragile as possible. The next life hack will help avoid the need to constantly buy new chargers, since it significantly extends the life of the cables.

It is necessary to disassemble the usual ballpoint pen, remove the spring from it and wrap it around the cord near the plug. This will provide the cable with much-needed protection.

7. Aluminum can eye

Aluminum can eyelet - attachment for an extra hanger.

This life hack is useful to those who have a small wardrobe in their house. It's simple - you need to remove the rings from the cans of soda or beer and use them to increase the number of hangers for clothes that fit in the wardrobe.

8. Key instead of coins

Room key instead of coins.

There is nothing more unpleasant than the inability to do what is needed at the moment. This may happen for various reasons, but in this example we’ll talk about a shopping cart. Under the law of meanness, in the supermarket forever is not at hand coins to unlock the shopping trolley. You can try using a regular key instead of a coin.

9. Protective foil

Protective foil - reliable dispenser.

Those who have just bought a new bottle of vegetable oil should not rush to remove the foil cap. Instead of completely removing the cap, you need to carefully make a small hole in it. This will allow metered pouring the contents of the bottle. This little trick will save money and prevent calorie overload in the dish.

10. Tube of toothpaste

A tube of toothpaste and a clip.

Large paper clips have many uses. For example, using a clip it will be more convenient to squeeze out the rest of the toothpaste from the tube. It is necessary to squeeze the tube from the end (so as to squeeze the paste from it closer to the exit), and then wrap the end of the tube and squeeze it with a clip. Can be repeated several times.